Friday, July 22, 2016

"Bra Fit Specialists" vs. "Sales Associates"

Okay, Belles of Belle Mode.  If you share a blog post with friends this month, let it be this one!

We're going to get down and dirty and explain why you need a "bra fit specialist" (think locally owned & operated boutique) in your life instead of a "sales associate" (you know ... the employees at mall and big box stores).  It's not about semantics, it's about your experience.  We've earned our titles as Belle Mode Bra Fit Specialists!

WARNING: It might not be pretty (except the gorgeous Panaches sports bra model in our photos), but we're going to duke it out for you right here!

ROUND 1: Commission vs. Honesty
Let's just address this and get it out of the way.  Many major department stores pay their sales associates on a commission base. There's nothing wrong with being paid commission, unless it clouds the sales ethic of the sales associate.  At a boutique, with a bra fit specialist, you are most likely going to experience honesty based on the boutique's desire to make a difference in the community they serve.  Sure, we need to make money to keep our doors open and pay our employees, but most small business owners start a business because they have personally experienced a need for the service they provide and products they carry.  They care about their employees and don't want them to be worried about sacrificing honesty and integrity for a sale.  Most importantly, they want every customer to walk away confident with their purchase and comfortable in their bra!

ROUND 2: Size vs. Fit
Most women visit us in the hopes of finding the right bra size.  Here's where we're going to disappoint you:  you don't have a bra size.  Truth be told, you can't even measure for a bra size- there's no magic formula.  You can measure for a *starting* point on band size, but that's it!  Measuring for a cup size does not work because each pair of breasts is shaped and placed differently on the torso.  Plus, fit standards are very different for each company AND, even within the same company, for each bra.  Sorry, but you'll have to see a sales associate to find a "bra size"!

On the other hand, your fit specialist will make sure you find the right bra FIT for your body.  A bra is not a bra, is not a bra ... each bra fits a little different from the next based on factors such as fabric composition, cup, strap, wire, & band proportions, etc.  The key points to finding the perfect fit include: band fit, cup volume, underwire placement (if you wear an underwire), strap placement, & of course, comfort level. Focus on fit vs. size with your specialist & you'll have a positive bra shopping experience!

ROUND 3: Friendly, Familiar Faces vs. High Turnover

Familiar, friendly faces mean that the fit specialists are knowledgeable about the product.  They see many bras in many sizes on many body types.  Your fit specialist may take one look at your body type and know what works before you even get into the room.  Although sometimes we freak people out when the first few bras are homeruns ... but hey, we've been doing this for a while!

Unfortunately, high turnover in sales associates means that for the time the employees are there, they may not have as much exposure to product or body types.  It can be a frustrating experience to spend hours only to find one bra that, as one of our customers said about her best Vicky's bra, "kinda has an okay" fit.


Monday, July 4, 2016

Belle Mode Welcomes Marie Jo

We're excited to announce to all of our fashionista's that as of this past month, we are now carrying Marie Jo bras at Belle Mode!  

"Marie Jo bras are the epitome of high fashion.  With extravagant detail and seamless trendy appeal Marie Jo bras are without a doubt among the highest tier of fine lingerie.  Striving to keep with the times and to always give women new high quality lingerie Marie Jo pulls no punches.  Always paving the way with the new creative styles and amazing quality to boot, you can't go wrong" - Marie Jo

We couldn't agree more with this statement <3

Meet Tom - the first style you will find on our floor and the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe! 

This is a basic in the Marie Jo line in white, black, scarlet (red), caffe latte (nude), & natural (ivory) all year round

This convertible bra with seamless underwire cups is suitable for wearing under all different weight tops and can be worn with straps in 3 different positions:  traditionally, criss-crossed (racerback), or in halter position.

No strapless bra needed here under this beautiful top from our neighbors at Undeniable Boutique thanks to Tom

Ditching your strapless bra and getting the shape and lift of a bra with straps ... doesn't that sound nice?

Thursday, May 5, 2016

More from the Eveden Trunk Show at Belle Mode

This past weekend we were lucky to have our neighbor Val from Valerie Bey Photography stop by our trunk show with her camera!  The following photos are ones she snapped towards the end of the show <3  Thanks for sharing these with us Val! 

 Our trunk show featured 3 of our designers that cater to hard to find sizes - Elomi Lingerie, Freya Lingerie, & Fantasie Lingerie

This bathing suit group right here by Freya indeed stole the show and was a highlight for many of our customers.  Both styles sold beautifully and come in black & white! 

A roll-rack dedicated to future shipments for their swim

Sam, Monique, & Nicole taking a little break at the end of the show! 

Belle Mode's wonderful sales rep Bob Foster and make-up-less Nicole pose for a photo.  Day 1 of the trunk show went so well, she didn't have time to get all done up for Day 2! 

We adore how much effort Eveden is putting into developing this line for a very special, yet under-served demographic in the world of lingerie. 

They don't just make gorgeous & supportive swimwear, they also have cover-ups too

 National Fit Specialist Frederika Zappe & Monique help a customer make decisions on some items she found

We've got our eye on this stunning Fantasie fashion style for our F/W '16 shipments so keep your eyes peeled for it as it's a killer piece

Being a designers sample size has some perks!

 A little holiday sexy, perhaps?  We're thinking about bringing this in for later in the F/W season <3

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Elomi, Fantasie, & Freya Lingerie Trunk Show

Belle Mode presents a very special event for the customers we love ... A trunk show featuring specialty size designers Fantasie, Elomi, & Freya!

Alright ladies!  The gals at Belle Mode have been working really hard to put together an event where you can see ALL of the product offered by not one, not two, but THREE companies.  If you fall into one of the following size combinations, you'll want to see what the Eveden brands have in store for you in lingerie & swimwear:

Full bust, average frame (band sizes 32-38, cup sizes DDD-K)
Full bust, full frame (band sizes 38-46, cup sizes D-K)
Full bust, petite frame (band sizes 28-34, cup sizes D-K)

Women's bodies are not cookie-cutter 

If you shop with us, you already know that it's our mission to provide product that solves the challenges that each unique body comes with.  It's our goal to give EVERY WOMAN whose life we are lucky enough to touch the confidence and comfort she deserves. We know that it's especially hard for women with a fuller bust to find comfort and support that's fashionable and flattering under clothing while being of the utmost quality.  You are an under-served market in a world of 34A-38D product!

We're taking our commitment to carry THE BEST PRODUCT to the next level by providing our customers with the unique opportunity to meet with the National Fit Specialist, Frederika Zappe, to view their ENTIRE BASIC LINE as well as current and Fall/Winter 2016 fashion, ask questions about product, and talk about issues that our unique body types face, & receive a special discount on items ordered at the trunk show.

We need you to be the buyer

This event also helps us help you beyond the fall season.  Seeing your reaction to and hearing your opinion of product is crucial to our buying process.  We always want to have things we know you'll love, and what better way than to hear it first hand from you!

How the trunk show works
  1. Make an appointment: due to the excessive amount of interest in the trunk show (we already have a VERY LONG list of attendees) we are stressing the importance of making an appointment.  If you cannot make an appointment, there will be a few held spots for walk-ins.
  2. Try on product: Chat with Frederika about any fit challenges you face & product you'd like to see. She'll give you advice & product recommendations to fit your needs...and maybe your "wants"!
  3. Get a discount & order product. Belle Mode is offering an exclusive 10% discount on orders placed at the trunk show.  Pre-ordering guarantees that you will get the styles you want before they sell out globally.



Freya Lingerie - Dedicated to giving you fashion that fits beautifully and looks gorgeous, including lingerie, swimwear, and sportswear.  

Elomi Lingerie -  Sheer confidence - soft indulgence - and with a new swimwear collection.  If you want plus size lingerie with unparalleled fit, effortless support, and striking design - Elomi is it!    

Fantasie Lingerie - Everyday is special in Fantasie.  Luxurious lingerie trends and styles for effortless support and comfort.  Cut with superior fabrics, with gorgeous designs up to a K cup.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Sneak Peek: Swim 2016 at Belle Mode

2015 was a big year for us and our bra sized swimwear, so we decided to go bigger than ever for 2016 with cup sizes B-J and bands 28-44 on their way and some already here. 

If we are as successful as we have been the past two seasons, we will be needing much more than this to get through August so consider this JUST A TEASER, xoxo!  

... Already in stock ...

... Arriving at the end of March ...

... April & May Arrivals ...

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Throwing Back to Bras for Hope 2015!

As we begin to plan for this upcoming October's annual event, we were inspired to share some of our favorite photos from last year that never made it up!  Click here to read more about all the bras we were fortunate enough to collect with the help of our community and many other amazing people.

It's always exciting seeing bras that our customers bought from the shop being donated and replaced

Maimah Karmo - founder of Tigerlily Foundation, alongside three lovely ladies from Fairfax Radiological Consultants

No, this is not a JoS.A Bank ad, it's just Maimah Karmo and Nicole Martin taking a photo in front of the donated bras

One of our many volunteers for the event and Nicole.  Thanks to everyone who came out to support our cause, we simply could not have done this without you!

Some of our prizes and entertainment

Our designers as well as other small businesses gave us so much SWAG to give away in a raffle to our guests.  We couldn't be more grateful for participating in our cause <3

Monique and Natalie are super sad to be taking down the donated bras at the end of the event!

Joyce Rylander - Our amazing sales rep from Anita came down to assist with fittings and help with the event

Belle Mode is blessed to have these two women in our lives <3

End of the day shot, we did it!

Our street in Fairfax Corner decorated in bras that are all going to a good cause

#Bras4Hope #BraDropNOVA #TBT #Throwback