Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Belle Mode to the Rescue

FASHION FAUX PAS ANYONE?  Come to Belle Mode and we will help you find a solution so you can wear that outfit you've been dying to wear but can't find the right undergarments for!

One of our lovely sales associate came in this morning with a bra issue that needed fixing stat! She was wearing one of those sheer shirts that is so popular this summer…the only problem, no bra she owned was working.

The Belle Mode team went straight to work to find a solution. We came up with three great options for underneath sheer tops:

Option 1: Seamless Nude Bra
  • The Elle Macherson Bare and Bold Contour and the Spanx Brallelujah looked great under the shirt. They were barely noticeable. 

Option 2: Embrace the sheer and go for color!
  • A hot pink Coobie Seamless Bandeau Strapless Bra added a punch of unexpected color! Any brightly colored bra would work. Great example of how you can turn your bra into a fashion statement outside your clothing!

Option 3: Nude Seamless Cami
  • If you want the cami to be unnoticeable, nude is the best color to go with. The Commando Nude Seamless Cami was perfect underneath the sheer shirt! 

There you have it, three solutions for your sheer shirt problems! 

Another happy Belle Mode customer! 

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