Monday, October 8, 2012

FASHION TREND: Patterned Tights!

Miley Cirus, Blake Lively and Victoria Beckham rocking fabulous fashion leg wear this season

Let's face it ladies, the summer is over and it's time to break out your fall/winter wardrobes and guess what accessory seems to be trending the most AGAIN this season?  PATTERNED TIGHTS!

Tights can give those summer outfits a longer life span bringing them into the fall season as well as provide you with a bit of extra warmth on those oh so cold days.  Infamous for turning a plain solid outfit into a trendy happening look, tights should be #1 on your list of "must haves" for the next several months.

Elegant, sweet, funky, classy, edgy, sexy ... patterned tights will for sure add attraction and draw attention making you the spotlight of conversation everywhere.  

Patterned tights featured at Belle Mode this season:

Commando's "Big Dot Premier Sheer" tight

Gaetano Cazzola's "Maya" tight

Gaetano Cazzola's "Honey" "Night" and "Fill" thigh highs

Commando's "Sexy Stripe" and "Shine Net" tights

 Gaetano Cazzola "Ral" and "Wamp" tights

Gaetano Cazzola "Shada" and "Klemy" leggings


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