Saturday, December 8, 2012

Diamonds are a Girls Bestfriend ... but so is a good pair of shapewear!

Our friend, the most iconic blonde in Hollywood and pin up queen, Marilyn Monroe had this concept down pretty darn well

Every girl should own a few pieces of shapewear in her wardrobe.  Almost every female celebrity wears shapewear when attending red carpet events in order to give them curves in all the right places.  Smoothing out the lumps and bumps, slimming down some excess weight, as well as lifting and accentuating areas that need more "ooomph."

Shapewear is similar to bras in a sense in that different styles are meant for different body types and have different functions, such as shape different areas.  There are over hundreds of styles of shapewear out there, it can be hard to figure out exactly what you need for x, y and z.  We suggest you go talk to a professional about what you are trying to achieve in order to find that perfect piece for you.

Since the year 2000 when Spanx hit the market shapewear has become one of the most popular sought out items at both of our stores.  Spanx is the new Kleenex to tissues.  Explanation:  when customers come in they approach our sales associates asking for Spanx when they really want shapewear.  This says a lot about the empire that the infamous Sara Blakely has grown in just over a decade.  However, Spanx is not the only brand that manufactures shape wear and was far from the first!

Before shapewear hit the market women often times used corsets and girdles:
Corsets - Worn to hold and shape the torso into a desired shape for medical purposes. However, the fashion industry caught on to the flattering and slimming look that corsets gave while still showing off those feminine curves.  Slimming the body and making it conform to a fashionable silhouette - lifting the bust area and slimming the waist area.    

Girdles -  Originally meaning belt, the girdle replaced the corset in popularity in the 1920's and were an essential garment for women to wear until the 1960's.  A girdle slims the buttock, stomach, thigh and torso area.  Girdles shape from the bottom up and do not cover the bust area.  (Spanx and other shape wear on the market have been known to be the modern day girdle)

Although we love our Spanx at the store, we also love the other shape wear brands that we carry and suggest that you all look into them as well.  

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