Monday, December 21, 2015

A Gift For Your Queen

"Wrap yourself in fashion & comfort" - Wrap Up

We agree with the designers at Wrap Up! We believe that women should pamper themselves whenever possible.  What better way to shed the day and start relaxing than by slipping out of your work clothes and into a super soft robe that feels just as sumptuous as it looks? 

Wrap Up by VP has cornered the luxury robe market with their fabulously decadent, must-have microfiber robes.  They pride themselves in using the highest quality microfiber terry, cut and sewn to create a perfectly designed robe that is absorbent for post shower use, and is just the right weight for lounging in all year long.  

This is a MUST buy item, but to bling, or not to bling? THAT is the only question ...
If you need some sparkle in your life, many of the robes are embellished with stones that compliment and enhance the prints in a subtle way. If you're giving an amazing woman in your life one of these as a gift, we think that the stones are a must- they add that little special something that a friend or family member might not splurge on when buying for herself. 

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