Friday, January 11, 2013


Visit a bra fitting boutique to get a legit bra fitting:

We recommend that all women get fitted at least once a year due to the fact that our bodies change shape all the time. Gravity is simply getting stronger as the days pass by! 85% of women are wearing the wrong size bra. Make it a goal of yours to get out of that 85% and become knowledgeable on your body shape.  Read more about the many ways that wearing the right size bra can benefit us all right here!

Be open minded during your next bra fitting experience:

If you go to get fitted by a well trained professional, they should offer to spend one on one time with you to help enhance and simplify your shopping experience. Let them take care of you and bring you bras to try on. Go into the fitting with an open mind and be willing to try anything. Lingerie is this persons specialty and they have the ability to help you, take advantage of this.

When customers are closed minded to trying new things they are depriving themselves of getting the full experience that we strive to give everyone in some cases leaving them dissatisfied. An open minded customer is the most successful. If you don't try new things,you will never get new results.

Re-Organize your lingerie drawer and keep it that way:

When my bras reach the end of their life, I tend to tuck them away in the back of my drawer instead of simply getting rid of them! This takes up half the drawer and makes it much harder to keep organized. GET RID OF THE BRAS AND PANTIES THAT DON'T FIT YOU! Say hello to new space in your drawer and utilize it appropriately.  

Start wearing no panty line underwear when necessary:

How many of you notice when the lady next to you is wearing the wrong undergarments for the occasion?  This problem occurs more than you think, and yes, people around you are aware of it.  There are too many solutions to this problem that it is unacceptable!  Get yourself some seamless underwear to wear with tight fitted pants, cotton dresses, etc so that you don't look ridiculous like the person above!

Add a little color or fashion to your wardrobe:

Black and nude bras are basics and are essential to have, but too many women stick to these basics causing their lingerie wardrobe to be dull. Change up the game this year and splurge on some fashion bras that will make you feel good and are fun to show off to your friends.

Ditch the old sweats and get something nice and new to sleep in:
Waking up on the wrong side of the bed is never a good start to anyone's day.  When sleeping in new sleepwear or at least good quality sleepwear you will almost always wake up on the right side leaving you in an extra good mood at the beginning of the day!  

First, figure out what it is that you value when it comes to your pj's.  Do you like them to be soft?  Do you like them to have temperature controlling features (breath-ability)?  Pj's are made with all sorts of intentions and are all good for different purposes.  Work with a sales specialist to find you new life changing nightwear!
Be daring and use your bra to make a fashion statement:
Photo: Alison Rubke, Faire Frou Frou via Facebook
Wearing your underwear as outerwear is not something that most woman are brave enough to do.  We encourage you to break out of that shell and start using your bras as fashion statements and working them into your style wardrobe.  This simple white tank and sweater has been turning into a more elegant and fashionable ensemble by wearing the Marlies Dekkers Dame de Paris bra.

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