Saturday, January 26, 2013

Meet the Ladies at Belle Mode: Rakeisha

Building strong, trustworthy relationships with our customers is very valuable to us at Belle Mode. We strive to be the bra fitting store that you can rely on to feel comfortable at.  Read up and get on a more personal level with the ladies at Belle Mode. We are all enthusiastic about getting to know you and helping you out in any way possible. 

Where were you born and raised?
 I was born in Washington D.C. and raised in Virginia.

What's your zodiac sign?
Taurus, the hard headed stubborn but STRONG bull.

What's your favorite fashion accessory?
Over sized earrings or an obnoxious statement necklace. 

5 words that describe you are ... 
Determined, loving, goofy, curious & eager.

What size bra do you wear?
32F or as Nicole would say 32FF. lol

What bra problems have you had in the past?
I've ALWAYS had problems with my boobs spilling out of almost every bra or a bra not being supportive enough. 

What bras currently exist in your wardrobe?
Panache Porcelain Molded T-Shirt Bra and Parfaits Charlotte Padded 3 Part Cup Bra

What's your favorite thing about working at Belle Mode?
I LOVE helping woman who have struggled trying to find the right bra size, find the right bra size. 

Who's your celebrity crush?
Female or male? lol Hmm lets see..
Female Beyonce and male The Game and Carmelo Anthony

Which celebrities style resembles your own?
I would have to say a mix of Alicia Keys, Beyonce, and Rihanna. 

Do you watch any TV shows?  If so, which ones?
Scandal, Housewives of Atlanta & Love & Hip Hop.

About Rakeisha from her boss:  Rakeisha has been with me since day one, which was several weeks before the store even opened.  She has been patient, flexible, and willing to learn all aspects of the business.  Opening a store has many ups and downs and she has been there for it all and hasn't complained one bit.   as well as take on responsibility for many things at the store.  Trustworthy, reliable and 

3 things I appreciate most about Rakeisha:
- She's very in the moment.  When she's at work, she's there to work.  She leaves her outside business, outside and as soon as she walks in the door she's getting tasks accomplished.  HARD WORKING woman right here!
- She's detail oriented and organized.  Often leaving me sticky notes for reminders (or as I call them, love notes) to make sure that I'm getting everything done and that the store is well organized for the customers. 
- Rakeisha is very observing of others and can read people well.  She knows mine as well as the other team members strengths and weaknesses and compensates where she knows it's needed.

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