Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Get to know the ladies at Belle Mode: Hannah

Building strong, trustworthy relationships with our customers is very valuable to us at Belle Mode. We strive to be the bra fitting store that you can rely on to feel comfortable at.  Read up and get on a more personal level with the ladies at Belle Mode. We are all enthusiastic about getting to know you and helping you out in any way possible. 
Hannah Frazier - Bra Specialist

Where were you born and raised?
I was born in Indiana and lived there most of my life! My junior year of high school (2008) my family and I were relocated to Stuarts Draft, Virginia due to my dad getting a new job. I attend George Mason University and Fairfax has become my home over the past 3 years.

What's your zodiac sign?

What's your favorite fashion accessory?
Hmmmmmm... my favorite fall/winter accessory is hands down scarves. I have a lot of them and they go with so many things. I am also a jewelry lover. If I had the money I would have such a large jewelry collection.

5 words that describe you are ... Compassionate, loving, hardworking, dedicated, and giving

What size bra do you wear?
 34DD depending upon the designer and style of the bra

When did you first learn how to bra fit and about bras?
I worked at Victoria Secret for a little under a year from October 2011-August 2011 and was the stand in bra specialist 80% of the time I worked there. I worked in the store in Fairoaks Mall and gained a lot of experience with customers of all shapes and sizes. They taught me how to bra fit there and I thoroughly enjoyed helping people and learning about bras; however I was not happy there as an employee so I sought out something else. Through some friends that knew of Belle Mode I came to work here in August 2012 and have learned about many more sizes that Victoria Secret does not carry and became much more knowledgeable on how to fit someone properly ever since.

What bras currently exist in your wardrobe?
Natori Lotus Bra, Elle MacPherson Bare Bold, Body by Victoria Push-up, and Very Sexy Push-up. I am still currently working on building my bra wardrobe with high quality Belle Mode bras.

What bra problems have you had in the past?
I am spread a part so I have the problem of bras rubbing in between on my rib cage. Also because I am spread apart the mass of my chest is further to the side so I often have the issue of the "side boob" if the bra doesn't work for me.

What's your favorite thing about working at Belle Mode?
The people I meet and helping women feel comfortable but sexy at the same time.

Who's your celebrity crush?
Oh so many beautiful men to chose from... but I like a man who can make me laugh and resembles my real boyfriend; so I would have to say Dane Cook ;)

Which celebrity(s) style resembles your own?
I wouldn't say that I resemble anyone particularly. I just go with the fashion treads that I find appealing not a specific celebrity.

Do you watch any TV shows?  If so, which ones?
I honestly don't watch much TV. When I have time I enjoy watching NCIS, SVU, Glee, and Cake Boss

About Hannah from her boss:
Hannah was like a Godsent, coming to me from Victoria's Secret and already knowing how to bra fit, she immediately hit the floor and got to business.  She realized very quickly that there were many things she needed to learn about the industry as she came from a place that was so confined with their services. This was no problem though as she is very intelligent and soaks up knowledge like no other. 

3 things I appreciate most about Hannah:
- She always keeps me on my toes, correcting me when I need correcting, and keeps the store moving in an innovative/positive direction
- She's genuinely enthusiastic about helping grow the business and is a great leader when it comes to facilitating pretty much anything at Belle Mode
- There is a quiet confidence about her that really shines when she's working with customers.  Always putting in 110%, doing anything and everything she can to help them in any way possible and they love that!

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