Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bra Recycling Event to Benefit Breast Cancer

Our Company is compelled to help the people in our community fight back against this deadly disease that is affecting so many women and families each year.

  • We will help you by taking old bras that you have no more use for off your hands
  • Get a free Pinkberry for your donation as well as the satisfaction of knowing that your old bra is being put to good use by someone in need or the fabric is recycled
  • Join us, Pinkberry, the Tigerlily Foundation and more on the 21st for our Pink Party shopping event all day long for an educational and rewarding experience
  • The opportunity to replace your old bras at a discounted price and have the proceeds of your purchase benefit the fight against Breast Cancer
  • Get entered to win many great prizes from local businesses around the area
Please share this information with all that you can -  Tweet it, share it, email blast it out, blog about it, etc.  It's all for a good cause, help fight back today!
Twitter: #bradropNOVA and #bras4hope

Friday, September 21, 2012

New Arrival: Knock Out! Smart Panties

Not too long ago Angela Newnam, Founder and CEO of Knock Out! Smart Panties, found herself wanting sexy but comfortable underwear that had performance built in. She wondered why technology was so advanced in this world, but panty production was not keeping up?  This led her to her main goal:  to create a panty with high functioning technology!

Made in the USA with luxury Supima cotton, Knock Out! Smart Panties serve a purpose for women of all ages from puberty to menopause.  

Absorbing Odor - Transferring Moisture - Drying Faster - Protecting Clothing - All Natural Cotton

Some things in life go without being spoken about and until Knock Out! Smart Panties came along, topics such as odor and wetness applied.  When Angela was bold enough to spark conversation about these things, women responded and opened up about the subject and here's what they had to say:

"No one told me being pregnant would give me drips"

"Some people may think they don't have odor, but everyone does"

"I can't risk a drop or spot in those tight yoga pants.  So I wear a liner every time I workout"

"From the teen years on, we women deal with these gifts of nature"

"These panties look normal, but they are extraordinary!"

We carry the companies best sellers at our store.  These styles are the thong, bikini, brief and of course a sleep shirt!  Come try this product today.  No regrets here, it is well worth every penny you spend.
Read more about Knock Out! Smart Panties on their website: