Friday, February 14, 2014

Why Lingerie Makes the Perfect Gift for Every Occasion!

Always keeping your lady happy should be your #1 priority and gifting her with lingerie can certainly help you out with this ...
Gifting lingerie is a HUGE COMPLIMENT.  It says you are attractive to her physically and that she still turns you on.  It's hard not to feel special after given this compliment by your lover, which can definitely spice things up in the bedroom and possibly lead to a better sex life.  Most importantly, there's pleasure for everyone here!
Giving her this ultimate compliment does much more than step up your bedroom game, it makes her feel loved.  When a woman puts on lingerie gifted by her significant other, her confidence sky rockets and she feels extra special.  She knows she is wearing something that turns you on and that you desire her enough to have treated her to this. 
As we all know, in relationships not all days are lingerie and Marvin Gaye, but when a woman is gifted this sweet gift and knows you adore her, this creates a feeling that never goes away.
Buying lingerie is something you both can appreciate, but it must be done correctly or else it can be a big headache.  The goal is for you both to be able to enjoy the pieces fully without any hesitations or regrets.    
Advice on how to succeed here:
Know that lingerie can be a controversial gift if given at the wrong time or in the wrong way so be careful and considerate when picking it out.  Sending mixed signals is never anything you wan to do to a woman, so let's avoid this at all costs.
1.  Make sure you are only gifting lingerie if your relationship is in a healthy place.  For example: Giving lingerie too soon in a relationship or when fighting is a no no for the obvious reasons.
2. Be unselfish when picking out the piece and get her something that caters to her style.  For example: DO NOT buy her white if she constantly is mentioning that the color white drowns her out.  Instead get her something that compliments her personality and that she will genuinely love as well.
3.  Do your research by checking her size and fishing around to find out what style lingerie she enjoys best.
4.  Go somewhere classy, not trashy to buy for her.  Simple and elegant is all she needs to get in the mood and feel beautiful.  If you do not gift classy, it can lead to all sorts of problems!