Friday, March 29, 2013

THIS JUST IN: Clo Intimo

Clo Intimo was launched in 2003 by the Colombian beauty Claudia Ochoa with the interest of producing feminine, flattering lingerie influenced by the sophisticated modernity of the New York woman, but maintaining the passion, color and sensuality of her South American roots.

As a store owner, I'm thrilled to have Clo Intimo coming to Belle Mode Intimates for several reasons ... 

Designs: Claudia and I share very similar taste in fashion - I was immediately drawn to her collection at the most recent trade show.  It was love at first sight, I knew that Clo Intimo was a "must have" at Belle Mode as it fits in perfectly with the style that our store is branding.  

Commitment to their customers: Clo Intimo is somewhat of a smaller company which is refreshing to see and a blessing to work with.  Working with a smaller company is a much more intimate experience.  Claudia herself attends the trade shows, meets the store owners, and sells her own line.  It's a fun and rare experience to be able to connect with the creator of a product that you intend to sell at your store.

Quality: When bringing a new designer's line into your store, you are always a bit hesitant.  All of the what if's regarding the success of the companie's products come up, and at Clo Intimo they stand behind the quality of their lingerie.  This confidence is admirable and offers peace of mind to a small business owner.

Fortuna Collection in Ivory

Racer Front Slit Chemise

(Back View) Racer Front Slit Chemise

 Racer Lace Vest

 Front Closure Lace Bralet

Adjustable Lace String Thong 

Lace String Bikini

Monday, March 25, 2013

Arianne: Reversible Camisole

Arianne is a Canadian company founded in 1947. They strive to create  many high quality products  for the modern woman. These products include: fashionable tops and camisoles, loungewear outfits, and lingerie.  

Pictured below, on the lovely Rakeisha, is the popular Teri Camisole. Not only is the camisole made with great quality lace and flattering rayon, it is reversible!

The second and third picture show a more conservative, yet flattering way to wear the camisole. This camisole is a great staple and can easily be paired with a blazer for a more professional look or without to wear at a night out with friends. 

The last two pictures are the other way that the camisole can be worn. From the front, the camisole appears more causal, but turn around for a intricate lace back that makes the shirt "pop". The Teri Camisole comes in emerald, black, and white in sizes small-large.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

THIS JUST IN: Swimwear by Cup Size!

This Spring/Summer season we have added in more swimwear in D-H cups and 28-40 bands!  Why is this so important?  

With women coming in all shapes and sizes, it is crucial to have swimwear in sizes other than S-M-L as these sizes only fit a handful of ladies and leave the rest of us puzzled on how to find a bathing suit to fit our bodies.

Being larger busted can be incredibly frustrating for a women.  Men, they love it, but for us it can be difficult and one of the most aggravating times is when shopping for swimwear!  Finding something appropriate and cute that you can try on before purchasing, can seem impossible.  Well, not anymore!  We at Belle Mode just received our first shipment in of swimwear in the following styles.


 Fantasie Adelaide Tankini and Fold Brief

Fantasie Puerto Rico Bandeau Top and Brief

 Fantasie Montreal One Piece Bathing Suite

 Freya Firefly Halter Top and Brief

Freya Cha Cha Halter Top and Side Tie Brief

 Freya Cha Cha Adjustable Skirted Brief

 Freya Cha Cha in black

Fantasie Mauritius Tankini and Brief

Since we are one of the few stores in the Washington DC area that carries swimwear in these sizes, we suggest you come shop with us ASAP so you don't miss out.

 *Our non-commitment ordering process applies for swimwear as well, so if you don't see the exact style you would like, we are more than happy to place an order for you at no cost*

Friday, March 8, 2013

Our New Obsession: LUXURY LEGWEAR!

When I brought ilux into my store in this fall/winter women immediately gravitated to it.  The fleece lined leggings and cashmere sox became great add on items to our customers purchases.  Soon enough women were coming in for a second and third pair, needless to say, they were a big hit at Belle Mode!  Because I had never been fond of legwear in the past, I went without trying them.  That was until about a month ago when I forgot my socks and was forced to buy a pair of their cashmere ones and instantly FELL IN LOVE <3

Until this point in my life, I had never bought a pair of sox that cost more than $5, because well, sox go on your feet and that would just be stupid and pointless.  WRONG!  A good pair of sox can go a long way.  Finding myself eager to put sox on at all hours of the day is a new feeling for me and something I definitely never saw coming!

... If you share the same attitude towards sox as I did, I strongly suggest you try cashmere ones and guarantee you will feel differently after.  Some people are sox people, some people are not, AND some people just don't know what luxury for your feet really feels like!

The following are our 3 best selling leggings by ilux:

Posted in our ilux's design studio is this quote:

“Frankly, none of you make anything that is irreplaceable. What you have to become is irresistible.”   – Kevin Roberts, Saatchi & Saatchi

I think it's safe to say they have this philosophy mastered!