Friday, May 25, 2012

Best Bra Styles for Summer

It's summer time y'all and the fashion industry has yet again come out with adorable outfits that are not so practical to work with the average girls lingerie wardrobe.  One shoulder dresses, low back dresses, strappy and strapless tops and lighter color to partially sheer clothing ...  What you are wearing underneath your clothing to support your girls is just as important as what is on the outside.  Make a trip to your local bra boutique and check out the following bra styles to coordinate with your trendy closet.

Strapless bra - ideal for a strapless dress or top
Ladies with smaller breasts can get away with bandeau bras which are incredibly comfy and come in all sorts of colors.  Ladies with bigger bust sizes tend to think that strapless bras just don't work for them.  This is not true, you just need to find a well fitted bra and shop at a store that carries the correct sizes!  When purchasing strapless bras it is good to go down a band size in order to get the proper support around your rib cage and up a cup size to maintain appropriate coverage.  Make sure you have a bra specialist you trust help you find a strapless that fits as no one wants to be adjusting their ill fitting bra all night long!      

Convertible bra - works for one-shoulder clothing, halter tops and racer back tops and dresses and low back dresses
Convertible bras are really made for all sorts of purposes and are the most versatile style on the market which is why 99% of strapless bras come with straps and the convertible option.  These bras have detachable and changeable straps that can accommodate a one-sided shirt, a halter or criss-cross top or a racer-back tank top.  Dresses that dip in the back are best worn with a convertible bra.

Camisole bra - meant to wear with clothing that might be a bit revealing 
Cami bras are not only meant to hide unwanted skin and cleavage, but are also are engineered in a way that give amazing supportThey function like a camisole does but requires less layering and is more breathable which is needed during the summer months!

Adhesive bra - strapless, backless outfits
Totally free from every strap and side extension.  Silicone bra cups for most natural look and feel.  Self supportive and reusable.  Front closure for cleavage look.  Need I say anymore? All women who have A-DD cups should invest in one.  It is well worth it!

Smooth molded t-shirt bra - ideal for very thin tee shirts and semi-sheer white clothing
Lighter colors and thinner fabrics are both brought out for the summer months and need the appropriate bra worn underneath in order to prevent lines from showing.  Therefore, investing in a well fitted molded tee shirt bra with no seams will be key for many outfits.  Also, with a molded bra you will avoid that awkward situation of having your nipples pop up during random times.

Colorful or patterned bra straps - used to spice up any outfit and to make a fashion statement
Displaying your bra underneath your outfit can either be annoying or eye-catching and is sometimes a better option than finding a bra that will be hidden underneath your clothes.  Nowadays it is acceptable for women to flaunt their bras and I suggest you take full advantage of this luxury the next chance you get as it can be extremely powerful and appealing to all! 

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  1. Love these bra styles for summer! All the styles are very comfortable to wear with the summer outfits and especially for the backless low back bra converter dresses. Thanks for sharing!