Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Brazilian Hourglass Curves Straight Ahead!

"Rooted in Brazilian fashion with a focus on innovation."
-Squeem Website

Side effects of wearing a Squeem Waist Cincher or Miracle Vest include: an hour glass waistline, a flat tummy, back support, & virtually no lines under your most challenging outfit silhouettes.  

We find it hard to believe that this amazing group of products was designed by...dare we say it? A MAN!  Well, let's give him some credit, Antoine Pasos did own Brazil's most popular beauty salon in the 50's & 60's & hosted a television show that featured the most cutting edge products in cosmetics as well as the latest fashion trends.  In 1972, he went on to design & produce a line of waist cinchers with orthopedic benefits.  The line was touted by celebrities & the average woman alike.  As fabric & manufacturing technologies changed, so did production of the garments.  Now, at the height of perfection, the Squeem shapeware line is as comfortable as it is effective.   

Before putting Brazilian Curves in your life ...

After putting Brazilian Curves in your life ...

Miracle Vest
Product description:  The miracle vest is specially designed to reveal your sexiest self, reducing inches from the waistline, lifting the breasts and flattening the midsection.  As an added benefit, it provides superior back support while improving posture.  Exquisite details like adjustable bra straps put you in total control, just the way you like it,  Made with Squeem's Intelligent Fabric technology.

Perfect Waist
Product Description:  Functional yet discreet, the Perfect Waist slims waistlines and moderately lifts breasts, delivering picture perfect curves to all body types.  Sophistication meets sensuality as the Perfect Waist smooths and elongates the midsection, while also improving posture and providing back support.  Made with Squeem's Intelligent Fabric technology.

Squeem carries a wide variety of sizes ranging from an XS to a 5X in both of the above styles!  We find that their product runs on the smaller side so you should take a few sizes into the fitting room with you.  


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