Friday, February 5, 2016

Caution: Gorgeous Curves Ahead!

Pop star Meghan Trainor said that it's all about that bass, right?  
Well, what if you have both bass & treble & you're trying to find seductive, comfortable, versatile playwear & sleepwear that fits & flatters?

Tia Lyn's got it. Tia Lyn's got YOU.
Let us reiterate: TIA LYN LINGERIE ... that is all you need to know!
Styles available in sizes S, M, L, 1, 2, & 3.


"The Tia Lyn collection reveals the underpinnings of a more sophisticated woman where as you get closer to her inner layer, the layers become just as lovely as she is. Best known for its fashionable plus sizes and great fitting curvy styles. Tia Lyn is a two time winner of the international CILA awards for the Best Plus Size Collection."

This gorgeous two-tone lace bralette supports a fuller bust & can be worn over a bra as a layering piece or under a top or dress with a plunging neckline.  

Don't even get us started on how much we adore the camisole!
Designed to support, this is another piece in the collection that, when worn with a bra under a sweater or blazer is outerwear worthy.  It's long enough that it makes a cute layering piece!


The comfortable, high-waist thong has removable garter attachments so that you can transform an every day panty into the perfect sexy piece to wear under that little black dress (seen in teal in the first two photos)

And the modal pajamas!  Soft, soft, soft.
Need we say more?

We were originally only going to bring Tia Lyn's plus sizes to Belle Mode, but her designs were too gorgeous to pass up for our S, M, L customers!

This soft seductive mesh pair (that is indeed GOOD QUALITY) is super flattering & still sends the message that Mama Wants To Play!

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